At the Xbox Games Showcase, Atlus announced two new Persona games. Just days later they were confirmed for multiple other platforms. A Switch version of Persona 5 Tactica was included in this reveal, but at the time there was no mention of Persona 3 Reload for the hybrid platform.

Fortunately, there still might be a chance. After a placeholder box art for a Switch was discovered last weekend, it seems another listing for Nintendo's hybrid platform has now popped up, this time via the online retailer Playasia - with an image of a "preliminary picture". This was highlighted by a fan via the Nintendo Switch subreddit:

Persona 3 Reload
Image: via Playasia

Of course, this does not officially confirm anything and may not necessarily lead to an announcement. At the same time though, it has seemingly given some fans hope that a Nintendo Switch release for Persona 3 Reload might still be a possibility, with some users in the same subreddit speculating this could be a future "Nintendo Direct" announcement.

At a glance, this remake does not look beyond the capabilities of the Switch, especially when you consider some of the impossible port jobs in the past. Atlus has also previously released Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5, and a number of spin-off titles on Nintendo's latest system.

This minor development once again follows the confirmation of Persona 5 Tactica for the Switch earlier this week. The new tactical RPG spin-off will be released later this year on 17th November 2023. Persona 3 Reload is also scheduled to arrive in "early 2024".

Do you think we will eventually see Persona 3 Reload on a Nintendo platform? Would you be interested in this upcoming release yourself? Comment below.