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  • Random Nintendo's DS Demo Kit Is A Remarkable Feat Of DIY

    They don't make 'em like this anymore

    We love seeing how seemingly normal pieces of hardware can be bent and twisted to fit specific needs, and this particular discovery from YouTuber 'The Retro Future' is one of our favourites. After getting their mitts on a special demo distribution version of the Nintendo DS that only displays one screen with no...

  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)


    Welcome back to yet another round of Box Art Brawl! Before we hop onto the case of this week's match-up, let's first take a look at the results from last time. We pitted three covers for the GameCube shmup Ikaruga against each other and wow, it was a close one. The European cover art just topped the competition with 36% of the vote,...


  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel - The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

    The other boat one

    Welcome back to another edition of Box Art Brawl! Before we dive into this week's face-off, let's quickly recap what happened last time when we asked you to pick a favourite design between the two regional cover art options for Beyond Good and Evil. This was a slightly closer-fought contest than we have seen in recent weeks, but...





  • Random Early Build Footage Of Unreleased DS de Blob Game Surfaces Online

    The blob that never was

    In a time before Splatoon, de Blob was the big name in spreading colourful ink around town. Unlike Nintendo's inky shooter, the series saw you take control of a colour-absorbing ball which would complete various challenges by spreading paint across a monochromatic landscape. You might remember de Blob on the Wii, its sequel...

  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel - Metroid Prime Hunters

    Pocket power

    Hello folks, welcome to another edition of Box Art Brawl! In our final edition of 2022, we took a look at the GameCube remake of Hideo Kojima's stealth masterpiece: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. As expected, the Yoji Shinkawa designed cover for the Euopean and Japanese variant took the lion's share of the vote with 78%. That said,...


  • News Rating For 'Ghost Trick' Has Been Spotted In Korea

    Is the Phantom Detective coming back?

    A rating for a game called 'Ghost Trick' has been spotted in Korea. Made by The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, the rating was filed on 24th August 2022 and accepted on 2nd September 2022, Gematsu reports. If you had a DS and loved detective games (or an iOS or Android), then your ears might...



  • Random Original Resident Evil Actors Have Reunited After 26 Years

    "Nooo! Don't gooo!"

    Cast your mind back to 1996, you might remember the now-iconic opening cinematic for Capcom's Resident Evil, featuring the in-game S.T.A.R.S team in a live-action shoot (for Nintendo gamers specficially, you might have first encountered the cinematic in the 2006 DS release, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence). Even in the mid-'90s, it...

  • Video Our Video Producer Showcases His Top Five Rarest Games

    Yes, "you know what" is one of them

    A few months back, our delightful video producer Zion was challenged by Jon Cartwright from Good Vibe Games to showcase the top five rarest games in his collection. While he didn't get around to it right away (hey, we're a busy bunch, okay?) Zion has now fulfilled his oath and produced a new video showcasing the...

  • Video The Switch Desperately Needs This Nintendo DS Feature

    We miss DS Download Play...

    We love the Switch. It's a pretty neat piece of kit after all. But that doesn't mean we don't have issues with the console or think it could do with an update or two every so often. And we've come up with another improvement that we think would make multiplayer even easier. Who used Download Play on their DS or 3DS? We...




  • Video A Castlevania Game... With Pigs?

    Welcome to our 'Game Joy' series!

    Here at Nintendo Life, we love video games. Heck, we should do, right? What we love even more, though, is when we discover something that we've never come across before; whether it be a secret in a well-known game, a quirky glitch or trick, or even a completely unknown video game that we just happened to stumble...

  • News Nintendo Responds To Wii And DSi Shop Channel Outages

    Update: Two months on it has "nothing to announce"

    Update [Sat 21st May, 2022 18:05 BST]: Two months after the Wii and DSi Shop channel outages, YouTube channel GameXplain has now reached out to Nintendo to see if it could provide any more clarification about what's going on. Unfortunately, the new statement is that it's still got "nothing to...

  • Random Man Rescues "Abandoned" Nintendogs, Becomes Viral Sensation On TikTok

    Update: See how the story ends

    Update [Tue 17th May, 2022 01:30 BST]: TikTok user Ben 'bennypvideo' Pollard has now uploaded part four and part five (the final chapter) of this story. In the final part, he decides to rehome the dogs. You can see how the entire story unfolds on YouTube or watch the last segment below: Original story [Wed 4th May,...


  • Random Another Look At The Super Mario Galaxy DS Fan Project

    A "short public demo" has also been released

    Super Mario Galaxy is easily one of the best 3D Mario games and was a hit when it was originally released on the Wii in 2007. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if this game was made available on the Nintendo DS instead? While there's been hoaxes and more in the past, as you might recall -...






  • News Modders Are Reimagining Mario Kart: Double Dash On DS

    Chunky DS sprite nostalgia

    A few notable gaming systems have a look; for the Game Boy - as one example - that look is pea green. We also think the DS has a look, those chunky character models that are sort of like the N64 but not quite, and the fact that it had such an extraordinarily varied library with these aesthetics. DS mods of well known...

  • Random Check Out This Game Boy Color And Nintendo DS Mash-Up


    We've seen plenty of cool retro mods over the years, but this latest effort from Game Boy Custom really stands out – mainly because it's fusing together a Game Boy Color with a Game Boy Advance and the internals of a Nintendo DS. Still with us? Good. The Aussie modder has sent a proof-of-concept prototype to our friends at Retro Dodo,...





  • News Mistwalker Boss Not Interested In Reviving Studio's Older Games

    Would rather "build something new"

    Earlier this week, we heard how the mobile exclusive Fantasian could potentially be the last project for Final Fantasy creator and Mistwalker Boss, Hironobu Sakaguchi, before he steps back or at least takes a break. In the same interview with VGC, Sakaguchi was asked if his company would be up for remasters or...

  • Guide Best Nintendo DS RPGs

    Dual-screen role-playing

    The Nintendo DS is one of the most successful games consoles in the history of the industry, so as you might imagine, it's pretty well-stocked when it comes to RPGs. During its glorious lifespan, this dual-screen wonder played host to some of the best role-playing epics the genre has ever seen – and we've compiled a list...







  • Guide 50 Best Nintendo DS Games Of All Time

    As voted for by you

    This ranked reader-voted list of the 50 best Nintendo DS games is governed by Nintendo Life User Ratings and can change depending on those scores. Feel free to rate your favourites and, perhaps, rejig the ranking below. Enjoy! One of the joys of Nintendo's Switch is how it marries the company's home console heritage with its...





  • Music Pokémon Diamond And Pearl Are Getting A Fanmade Orchestral Makeover

    A Gen 4 remake at last!

    For years now, Pokémon fans have been desperately hoping for a remake of the series' fourth generation games, Diamond and Pearl. While we can't offer you that, we do have news of the next best thing. Pokémon fan and musical marvel Braxton Burks is back with another orchestral take on the beloved franchise, this time with a...















  • News Atlus Launches a Teaser Site Hinting at a New Radiant Historia

    Yes, please

    Relatively late in the life of the Nintendo DS, Atlus released a fascinating RPG called Radiant Historia which was quite well received. Borrowing heavily from Chrono Trigger, Radiant Historia similarly revolved around time travel, with the main draw being that you could travel along the timeline and cause different effects which resulted...


  • Retro Check Out These Early Prototype Pictures of the Nintendo DS

    The start of a new era

    The Nintendo DS represented a bold new direction for Nintendo, kicking off an extremely lucrative period for the company's handheld line; this "third pillar" to Nintendo's strategy wasn't originally supposed to replace the Game Boy line, but it ended up doing so anyway. The original "Phat" model was rather hideous in...


  • News EA Had Plans To Create Its Own Pokémon Competitor


    Even long before Pokémon GO, rival games companies looked on enviously at the Pokémon franchise and wanted to get a slice of the action for themselves. Who can forget Invizimals on the Sony PSP? OK, bad example! Australian indie developer Nic Watt, from Nnooo which has published multiple Nintendo eShop titles, recently revealed on the...