If you're someone who likes horsing around (pah!), then you may just enjoy the new DLC for Horse Club Adventures 2: Hazelwood Stories.

Launching exclusively for Switch on June 15th, 2023 (yes, that's tomorrow), the expansion is called Secrets of Skeifa Island and will feature an entirely new location where players can meet new characters, take on quests, embark on adventures, and - of course - ride horses.

Here's a breakdown of the DLC from Wild River Games:

"At the port of Hazelwood, Captain Francis has arrived with his ferry and brings the main characters to a new and exotic island location. On the island, players can dive into classic HORSE CLUB Adventures action – meeting friends, riding horses, taking on quests, and embarking on adventures.

"Players will need to uncover a long-hidden secret on the island about an ancient tale of a mysterious ghost horse haunting the island. Spread across the island there are also several new racetracks, popular balloon games, and a new minigame in which players will befriend wild horses roaming throughout the island."

The DLC will cost £13.99 and you'll need to own the base game in order to play it. That said, if you've got kids who love horses or you happen to be quite the fan yourself, then it's definitely sounds like it might be worth a gander.

Will you be checking out Secrets of Skeifa Island for Horse Club Adventures 2? Saddle up and share your thoughts in the comments section below.