Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023
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GamesRadar's very own gaming showcase returns during this year's Summer Game Fest extravaganza. Future Game Show Summer Showcase 2023 followed this year's Wholesome Direct with a mix of multiplatform titles to suit everyone, and it was a jam-packed showcase.

Hosted by world-class voice actors Yuri Lowenthall (Spider-Man) and Laura Bailey (Mary Jane Watson) and while there's many a Spider-Man pun along the way, there are also plenty of games coming to Switch that were shown off.

We've gathered a list of all of the Switch games that were shown off during the presentation for you, so sit back, relax, and take a look at what's coming to Switch over the course of the next year or so from Future Games Show.

Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2023 - The full presentation

If you need something to get comfy with this evening, then here's the full two-hour presentation (starts at 28:44).

There are also options to watch the stream with French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, and Spanish subtitles over on the Future Games Show YouTube channel.

Every Switch Game Announcement & Update

Below is every single game coming to Switch. Some of these may be listed as "console", but we've included them below because we think they're bound to come to Switch.

Highwater - Summer 2023

"Highwater is a story-driven 3D adventure game with isometric turn-based combat set in the flooded, post-apocalyptic space between the raging War Zone and Alphaville. Navigate the world by boat, discover islands, and find new allies to help battle foes in turn-based combat."

Resistor - TBA

"A turbocharged narrative-driven adventure RPG featuring open-world exploration, stunt-infused racing, and explosive vehicular combat! Build up your team and unravel a twisting story as you compete to take down an oppressive mega-corporation and its enigmatic director"

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale - 2023

"Often brutal, but always empowering, The Last Faith thrives on merciless and precise combat, with a huge range of custom executions to perform. Players will unearth a formidable variety of melee weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms, allowing them to carve a path in their own style."

The Last Faith - October 2023

"Often brutal, but always empowering, The Last Faith thrives on merciless and precise combat, with a huge range of custom executions to perform. Players will unearth a formidable variety of melee weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms, allowing them to carve a path in their own style."

Laika: Aged Through Blood - TBA

"Laika: Aged Through Blood is a western-inspired motorvania set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It is the story about a tribe oppressed by occupant forces, and the personal story of a mother coyote warrior who descends on an endless path of vengeance to take back what her people lost."

Enchanted Portals - 2023

"With catchy music, charming old-timey art, and non-stop comedy, Enchanted Portals is a co-op 2D platformer that will keep you on your toes. Whether you’re playing solo or with a friend, the magic never stops and the action is always fast-paced and whimsical. Join Bobby and Penny on their quest and see where the adventure takes you!"

Moving Out 2 - 2023

"Moving Out is back and wackier than ever, and now with ONLINE PLAY, you can team up with fellow F.A.R.Ts!"

Punch Club 2: Fast Forward - 20th July 2023

"Punch Club 2: Fast Forward is on the way to strike you with its awesomeness! Get ready to fight your way up to the very top to discover the darkest secrets of your family and maybe save the entire City."

SteamWorld Build - 2023

"There's an abandoned mine sitting under your town, and it’s rumored to be filled with ancient tech that holds the key to escaping the impending doom. Use the natural resources above ground and the abundant ores buried in the mine to expand your town. Stimulate new residential tiers to join the quest to dig deeper, unearth untold riches and ultimately help them to hightail it off the planet!"

Ruffy and the Riverside - Winter 2023

"You are Ruffy, the Chosen One. And you have the SWAP! With the SWAP, you can change the entire game world - the way you imagine it and the way it should be! Use the SWAP to turn ice into lava or to transform a waterfall into a climbing vine. With the SWAP you can overcome any obstacle and solve any puzzle."

Paleo Pines - 26th September 2023

"Welcome to Paleo Pines, a charming island known for friendly dinosaurs, quirky townsfolk, and mysterious past. Set out with your companion, Lucky, uncover the island's secrets and befriend new dinos. Then enlist their help to fix up your ranch to create your cozy dino sanctuary!"

Paper Trail - Q1 2024

"Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure about leaving home, set in a foldable, paper world. You play as Paige, a budding academic, leaving home for the first time to pursue her studies. On the journey, you learn to fold the world, merging two sides to solve puzzles, explore new areas and uncover long-lost secrets"

Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island - Coming soon

"In Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island, you’ll play as Alex, a rookie backpacker who’s taking a much needed break from modern life. After her trip is interrupted by a terrible storm, Alex washes up onto the sunny shores of Ambrosia Island, the mysterious forgotten home of the long-lost Greek Gods. But something is wrong — the Gods have forgotten who they are! Alex must explore the island, seeking out strange new friends, helping them to restore their lost memories and find her own way home."

Remedium - Fall 2023

"The fast-paced twin-stick shooter game in the grim post-apocalyptic Renaissance setting. It had been more than a hundred years since the terrible plague devoured the whole continent and turned almost everyone there in the maddened mutants. Only a few survivors managed to find refuge behind the huge walls of the fortress-cities. Although you are one of them, your luck has run out as you got infected while foraging outside the city walls. Now your only hope is to fight through the hordes of mutants and chimeras and to find the cure!"

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical - 3rd August 2023

"In a modern fantasy world, college dropout Grace is granted the power of a Muse - power she’ll need to find out the truth behind her predecessor’s death before time runs out. You’ll decide who Grace allies with, who she can trust, and who may betray her in this beautifully hand-illustrated roleplaying musical. Written by David Gaider comes Stray Gods - an urban fantasy tale of finding your place, taking charge of your fate, and discovering answers. Your choices will change the endings, as well as the path you take to get there."

For all of the trailers shown off during the Summer Showcase 2023, head on over to the Future Games Show Youtube channel. Vote in our poll to tell us what you liked best from the Summer Showcase, and then share your thoughts in the comments.

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