Shadow the Hedgehog
Image: Nintendo Life / SEGA

One Sonic character that will be returning in the future, but won't be featured in the upcoming release Sonic Superstars is Shadow the Hedgehog.

During a chat with Shacknews earlier this week, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka was asked about the possibility of Shadow appearing in Sega's upcoming multiplayer platformer. Although this new entry has 3D visuals, it's apparently all about the "classic" characters.

"Unfortunately Shadow's not in the game - sorry all you Shadow fans, this is a classic series game, so do understand Shadow is not a part of the classic series."

Although it doesn't sound good for Shadow on the video game front, Iizuka mentioned how Sonic Team still wants to create a game for all the Shadow fans out there at some point in the future. Apart from the upcoming movie Sonic 3, Shadow has also recently been featured in the Netflix series Sonic Prime.

Are you a Shadow fan? Would you like to see him featured in more Sonic games moving forward? Comment below.

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