Sonic Superstars
Image: SEGA

If you weren't already excited for Sonic Superstars — the brand new 2D Sonic game, announced at last week's Summer Game Fest — then this news should get you rushing for those red sneakers.

Christian Whitehead, the lead developer on Sonic Mania, has confirmed that the physics of Headcannon's 2017 retro hit has been "fully translated to modern 3D" in response to comparisons of the physics of classic Sonic games to Superstars' own. This means that the Retro Engine, used in Mania, the 2011 Sonic CD port, the mobile version of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and in Origins, is being used for Superstars.

Fans had already deduced that the similarities were basically there, with Twitter user Classic Sonic Deconstructed putting some pretty remarkable side-by-sides together. Artist and VFX editor LapperDev retweeted one of the comparisons, which is where Whitehead replied. Here's his response below:

"Will have more to say on this when it's appropriate, but the Mania physics were indeed fully translated to modern 3D"

Whitehead's response follows an earlier tweet on 9th June, where he quoted a different physics comparison with a thumbs up. Many replied to this tweet asking whether Whitehead has worked on the game, but of course, he hasn't answered that question yet.

The only thing we do know is what we've heard from the head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka, who confirmed Sonic Team is co-developing the game with Arzest after plans to work with Whitehead reportedly fell through.

Sonic Superstars launches this fall on Switch, and from our early impressions, this could be a return to form for the blue blur. Let us know whether you're more excited following this news in the comments.