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@Owl1 Sorry, bad phrasing, I meant she was watching her YouTube video things when I casted that

Dad, when are you coming home with the milk?


@ComfyAko That would be cool for sure, provided that the penguin doesn't bump into anyone of course, lol.

@Sunsy Ah, I see, I thought you said some time ago you don't have a sense of smell. That must have been hard during that time.

Yeah it's a similar situation with me as well, just sticking with PC for games that happen to be available on PlayStation and Xbox. Plus I've seen some PS4 exclusive games get brought over to Steam, and I have Halo on PC. I know that Rare Replay is only on Xbox, and there are the original Xbox and 360 games being brought over to the Xbox One and Series X/S - it's been a long time since I've played stuff like Sonic Unleashed, so maybe I'd get a Series S at some point for those games? I'm not sure though. It's another expense for me, and my backlog is kind of out of control as it is, lol. There's only so many games I can sink my teeth into.

When I was a tot/kid in the 90s, all we had were Nintendo consoles. Super NES, Nintendo 64, and Game Boy Color. Plus the Super Game Boy peripheral for the SNES, if that counts, lol. Game Boy Advance and GameCube as well, but those came out in 2001. The first non-Nintendo console I had was the PlayStation 2, that was a birthday present way back in 2002. I did have the original Xbox and the 360 as well, I played a fair amount of those, but not as much as the others that I've mentioned. As for PC, we had a decent amount of games for our IBM Aptiva way back in the day, (I still remember our first PC!) and we were actually quite huge into The Sims during the early 2000s. I used to play Sonic CD on PC a lot, too. But I wouldn't get back into the PC platform until much, much later.

Yeah that is impressive, didn't know they made GoldenEye for the DS until I looked it up, lol. It's probably different from the N64 one, the cover and title looked different. I've always known of the N64 one, that game was huge back in the day.

That's awesome that a lot of tees nowadays are in adult sizes, yeah. Even if it's stuff like Nintendo games, or even cartoons that were popular in the 90s and 2000s. If you remember the post I did last Christmas, you may recall seeing that I got Mickey Mouse PJs, and they're exactly in my size! That's cool, my brother used to watch Jimmy Neutron as well. He loved watching Fairly Oddparents as well. Speaking of which, I still remember that both those shows had a crossover episode.

Ah ok, gotcha. Some of the Disney VHS tapes we've had, we still have (I still have my childhood copy of 101 Dalmatians somewhere), and we have some Disney movies on DVD/blu-ray, too. That's cool, enjoy Ruby Gillman when you see it. I think the only DreamWorks movie I've seen was Shrek, I've seen it as a kid.

That's good that Episode 2 was an improvement. Yeah that one never came out for the Wii, I do remember that it had 3D graphics for the levels and stuff. Actually, I think it's odd that it never even came out for the Wii U, since that came out the same year as Episode 2. Probably would've played it that way.

I agree with what you've said in your reply to @blindsquarel by the way. It's like folks are implying that only children can enjoy animated movies and shows, or something like that. I'm in my early 30s, and I still love a good Disney movie.

@Tyranexx Ohhh I see...yeah it is a pretty massive game. Yeah hopefully you'll be able to finish the game before your trip, but no worries if that can't be done. I've been taking a break from TotK, I felt like playing Splatoon 3 that one day. I kinda wanna get all the Nintendo consoles for my locker before this season ends, lol. Best of luck on your second dungeon.

Yeah absolutely, I do like the Sonic Advance games quite a bit. Yeah it kind of is surprising that Sega hasn't done that yet, they seem to just rerelease the Genesis games again and again in some form, and that's it. And more recently, the Game Gear games on Sonic Origins Plus.

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@Owl1 I specifically didn’t want to be a part of that earlier today so I won’t comment on that. I think a proper name change is a good way to rebrand and put things in the past.

We like your random humor so don’t stop it

Barry is pretty amazing


@Owl1 @EaglyPurahfan Yakuza 1 is a great game, but it will make you feel so broken inside

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