Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 100% Completion - What Am I Missing?
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So you've completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (congratulations!), or so you think. Upon landing the final blow on the final boss and watching the end of the game, you arrive back in Hyrule with a percentage in the bottom lefthand corner of your map screen, and it's not quite 100%. In fact, it's likely to be very far from 100%.

But what do you have to do to get that counter all the way up to 100? Complete all the side quests and your Adventure Log? Cook all the recipes? Photograph absolutely everything!?

None of the above, as it turns out! Read on to discover exactly what counts towards that in-game 100% completion counter in Zelda: Breath of the Wild...

Zelda: Breath of the Wild 100% Completion Guide

How do I get 100% in Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

In order to achieve a one-hundred percent score (as per the game's own percentage tracker, at least), you'll need to find/unlock/complete the following in the game:

  • all four Divine Beasts
  • all discoverable locations in the game (meaning every zone with a specific name that fades up onscreen when you first enter that area), including Towers
  • all Shrines
  • all 900 Koroks

That's it. It's not necessary to complete all quests, or fill out your compendium of enemy and item photos, or do anything else. Tick off all of the above and you'll get your in-game 100% BOTW completion rate. Boom.

Is there more to do if I have the DLC?

Nothing that counts towards the in-game percentage total. Only the criteria listed above count towards your % total in BOTW.

What am I missing, then? Help!

Unfortunately, it's impossible for us to tell you specifically what you're missing, although we can definitely help you narrow it down! Let's start with the easiest.


These are easy enough as there are only 120 of them. Check out our Shrine Location guide to find them all.


For most people, it will be Korok seeds. There are 900 to find across Hyrule and it's very easy to miss them with so much to see and do.

Thankfully, it's also easy to see if you've got them all or not by noting how many you've collected when it's displayed on the black-and-white loading screen (in the top right corner). Unfortunately, it's not as simple to find the ones you're missing, especially if there's only a handful.

If you're determined to find as many as possible on your own, the Korok Mask from The Master Trials DLC is an invaluable tool. Found in the Lost Woods as part of the EX Strange Mask Rumors quest, it shakes and rattles whenever you're within several in-game metres of an unfound Korok.

How do you find the Korok Mask? Glad you asked...

Where's the Korok Mask?

Head to the Lost Woods and enter via the southeast (warp to the Woodland Tower and head north). Once in the woods, follow the trail of torches until you reach the final two.

Watch where the wind is blowing (by observing the torches) and run straight in that direction until you find a 'spooky tree' (there are several) with a treasure chest in it. Use Magnesis to grab the chest and inside you'll find the Korok Mask.

Okay, that's not unhelpful, but can I narrow down the location of the ones I'm missing?

Unfortunately not. If you've only got a handful left, your best bet is probably to turn to one of the various mobile apps available and systematically compare all Korok locations on a map to the ones you've already found (displayed on your in-game map), noting any you're missing.

It's laborious work, we're not going to lie. But if you're hunting a metaphorical needle in a haystack, it's the only surefire way to find the Korok(s) you're looking for.

Named Locations

If you're still missing some percentage points, it's likely you've accidentally skipped a small waypoint on the map. By 'named location', we're referring to any spot on the map with labelled with text. When you first discover these locations, the name will fade up onscreen and register on your map.

With so much to see and do in every direction, it's easy to overlook a little meadow or bridge or set of ruins. If you've got all the Koroks, found all the Shrines, and conquered all the Divine Beasts, you'll want to explore some more.

Using the Hero's Path Mode to trace your tracks is a good way to identify gaps on the map where you might have missed something.

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 100% Completion - What Am I Missing?
Someone spilled some radioactive spaghetti on our Switch, the gits — Image: Nintendo Life

Alternatively, methods such as Mr. Cheese's excellent interactive map make tracking down all 187 locations (and ticking the ones you've already visited) relatively painless. At least compared to finding 900 Korok seeds.

Okay, so the game says I've completed 100%, but there's still stuff to do?


And sure! Although if you've found all 900 Korok seeds and visited every corner of the map, it's likely you've completed all the quests in the meantime. But technically, yes, you may well have other things to tick off your personal list. Lucky you! Enjoy.