Breath Of The Wild Shrines
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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an incredible game, both in terms of critical acclaim and sheer size. Few aspects of Link's latest sprawling adventure exemplify this as well as the sheer number of shrines - miniature dungeons focused solely on puzzle solving.

Finding all of the shrines in Breath of the Wild is a massive undertaking, especially when you take time to consider that many of the shrines are hidden. Fortunately, we here at Nintendo Life have invested a great deal of time in uncovering every single shrine you can find in Hyrule.

We've sorted all of the shrines by the section of the map they're located on. As you may already know, you can unlock additional sections of the world map by climbing towers and activating them using Link's Sheikah Slate.

Because of that, we've decided to list each shrine belonging to a tower's map section below, along with handy screenshots showing where you can find each of these. It should be easy to walk through each area and find all of the shrines. Below that, you'll find some basic details or even some more detailed stuff for the trickier shrines in the group.

Akkala Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines)

Akkala Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Dah Hesho - This shrine can be found on the cilff south of the circular island in Lake Akkala, which lies northwest of Kaepora Pass.
  2. Katosa Aug - "Kosha Aug Apparatus" - You'll find this shrine to the east of East Akkala Stable and south of North Akkala Foothill.
  3. Ke'nai Shakah - Head to the northern part of Ulria Grotto, in the southeast of the Akkala region. You'll need to paraglide into a cave from above to find it.
  4. Ritaag Zumo - This shrine is found at the end of the spiral-shaped Rist Peninsula. You'll need to complete the "Into The Vortex" side quest to activate the shrine. This involves carrying an orb to the shrine itself. This is easier said than done as you'll be subject to a lot of ranged attacks during your trek.
  5. Tu Ka'loh - Found on Lomei Labyrinth Island in the northeast. You'll need to paraglide from the mainland to reach it. Finding your way through isn't that difficult but if you want to take the easy route (and you have enough stamina) then you canhe labyrinth, you can climb a wall and walk along the top of the labyrinth to reach the shrine.
  6. Tutsuwa Nima - This one is found in the Spring of Power, a small body of water south of the North Akkala Valley. To activate it you must have Dinraal's scale.
  7. Ze Kasho - "Ze Kasho Apparatus" - Paraglide off the top of Akkala Citadel Ruins to the northwest; the shrine is found in the hills.
  8. Zuna Kai - This shrine is located atop a tall stone pillar in the middle of Skull Lake in the northwest of Akkala. You'll need to find a high spot, then paraglide over, grab on and finish the climb. If it's raining then you might have to wait until it dries up as it's quite a tricky ascent.

Central Hyrule Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines)

Central Hyrule Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Kaam Ya'tak - "Trial of Power" - From the top of Central Tower, paraglide down to the southwest and head towards Mount Daphnes; the shrine is on the east side of the mountain.
  2. Katah Chuki - This one lies northeast of Mount Gustaf, in the southeastern section of Quarry Ruins.
  3. Kaya Wan - "Shields from Water" – Head west from Wetland Stables. The stables are close to Crenel Peak, near the eastern bank of the Hylia River.
  4. Namika Ozz - This shrine is found in the northeast section of Central Hyrule, right in the middle of the Crenel Hills.
  5. Noya Neha - This shrine is found on the island which lies north of Quarry Ruins. It's located on the southern slope of a hill in the southwest corner. Locate the side which is overgrown with thorns and burn them away with fire. You can then use a bomb to shatter the rocks and reveal the shrine.
  6. Rota Ooh
  7. Saas Ko'sah - This one lies in northern section of Castle Hyrule, which makes it quite a tricky one to find due to the risk of attack. Climb the mountain on the northwest side of the fortress - you'll should see a part of the moat where the water flows into the castle - head towards that then, once inside, locate a stone brazier and light it.
  8. Wahgo Katta - "Metal Connections" - This shrine is located on Whistling Hill, which is right next to the Riverside Stable.

Dueling Peaks Tower Shrine Map (9 Shrines)

Dueling Peaks Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Bosh Kala - "The Wind Guides You" - This shrine is close to Proxim bridge. Amber and a Soldier's Claymore are bonus items.
  2. Ha Dahamar - "The Water Guides" - This one is right next to Dueling Peaks Stable.
  3. Hila Rao - "Drifting" - This one is close to the river and is surrounded by flowers. Don't step on any of them to complete the side quest "Watch out for the Flowers" and gain access.
  4. Lakna Rokee - Gaining access to this shrine requires you to fulfil several side quests in Kakariko Village, making it one of the most time-consuming in the game. The first is the main quest line involving Impa which earns you the Champion's tunic. Complete "Find the Fairy Fountain" quest set by Pikango. "Flown the Coop" involves finding Cuccos for Cado - one is on the roof of the armour shop, other can be found after you've racked up 17 hours in the game. "By Firefly's Light" involves talking to armour shop owner Lasli in her home at around 22 hours game time. You then have to collect 5 fireflies – these can be found in the village and in the forest past the shrine next to the village. Take the fireflies to Lasli's house and place them in front of her before the night is over to complete the quest. After you've done this return to Impa and she should offer you a shrine quest called "The Stolen Heirloom". Wait until nighttime and keep an eye on the two guards standing outside Impa's house. After a while one of them will walk away - follow him at a distance and complete the quest to reveal the shrine.
  5. Ree Dahee - "Timing is Critical" - This one is near the Dueling Peaks, close to the river. You'll have to climb to reach it.
  6. Shee Vaneer - This one lies across from Shee Venath (see below). Make sure you're wearing warm clothing as it's very cold on the peak.
  7. Shee Venath - Climb to the top of the Dueling Peaks mountain (make sure you're wearing warm clothing). Jump from the top and paraglide towards the hidden entrance. The trick to solving this puzzle is visualising a pattern from Shee Vaneer.
  8. Ta'loh Naeg - "Ta'loh Naeg's Teaching" - This one is inside Kakariko Village.
  9. Toto Sah - "Toto Sah Apparatus" - This lies west of Hickaly Woods. Next to the river you'll find a breakable stone structure. Drop a remote bomb into the river from a rock a little upstream so that it flows downstream to the structure. Explode the bomb at the right time to destroy the sealed gate and reveal the shrine.

Eldin Mountains Tower Shrine Map (9 Shrines)

Eldin Mountains Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Daqa Koh - Head south from Goron City in the direction of the Goron Hot Springs and you'll find a railroad path. Just before you reach the path to Death Mountain you'll see the glowing orange rocks of the shrine.
  2. Gorae Torr - This one is located in the Gut Check Rock area. Use the winds to get yourself up onto the rock but make sure you have good climbing gear. You'll have to complete the quest "The Gut Check Challenge" set by Bayage, located nearby.
  3. Kayra Mah - This shrine is located just south of Gorko Lake, in the Gorko Tunnel. Head to a hut in the west part of Goron City and chat with Bladon to activate the "A Brother's Roast" quest. He'll tell you to go to Goron Tunnels - southwest of Gorko Lake - to find his sibling, Gonguron. Take the road to the southeast and follow the road signs if you get lost. Upon locating Gonguron you'll need to find a rock for the roast in Gortram Cliff. Once you give it to the brothers they will reveal the shrine for you.
  4. Mo'a Keet - This one lies east of Foothill Stable, on the road that leads to Eldin. It's just off the road, on a hill.
  5. Qua Raym - "A Balanced Approach" - In the southwesternmost lava lake - Goronbi Lake - there is a small island. Glide down from the tower to access it.
  6. Sah Dahaj - "Power of Fire" - Glide east from Eldin Tower and drop downwards once you cross Lake Intenoch. Close to Cephla Lake - near the enemy base - you'll find the shrine. Inside, knock over the torch to set fire to the dry vegetation in the first room, then shoot the ropes holding the torches in next room. In the final room you need to shoot the rope holding the torch which is above the crate - this will allow the stone slab to fall on the button which opens the final door.
  7. Shae Mo'sah - This one lies on the road north from Goron City.
  8. Shora Hah - This shrine is located on the Isle of Rabac. You'll need at least two pieces of the Flamebreaker armour set to get here as it's incredibly hot. Use your bombs to push the mine cart across the rails into the lava.
  9. Tah Muhl - "Passing the Flame" - Head southeast from the Mo'a Keet Shrine and Foothill Stable. The shrine can be found southwest of the mountain, hidden by rock formations. This shrine forms part of the shrine quest "A Landscape of a Stable".

Faron Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines)

Faron Woods Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Kah Yah - This one is on the beach near Mount Dunsel, in an region called Palmorae Ruins. Talk to Garini to start the quest "A Fragmented Monument". The first fragment is easy to find as it's close to Garini, near three palm trees. The second is on Palmorae Beach - look for some barrels in the sea and inspect the rocks nearby. The third one is a the furthest point of the crescent-shaped Soka Point. Return to Garini, then stand on the orange shrine plate and hit crouch.
  2. Korgu Chideh - This one is on Eventide Island in the southeast. The glide towards it takes a while so make sure you have high stamina or food which restores your stamina.
  3. Muwo Jeem - "A Modest Test of Strength" - On the mountain peak you can spot this shrine in the distance.
  4. Qukah Nata - This is one of the game's secret shrines. To complete it you'll need to find Kaas and trigger the quest "A Song of Storms". The shrine is located near Calora Lake. If it's raining you can use the Cryonis rune on the waterfall and climb up, step by step. Kiss should be waiting at the top.
  5. Shai Utoh - "Halt the Tilt" - This one is found at Ubota Point, behind the stable. Find a breakable stone structure and blow it up to reveal the shrine.
  6. Shoda Sah - This one is hidden behind the Riola Spring waterfall. A hidden path leads to the entrance.
  7. Tawa Jinn - This one lies in-between Hany Pond, Rabella Wetlands and Uteh Marsh. There are five large bones and the three pressure plates which show its location. You'll need to place three spheres onto the pressure plates - defeat the guards first.
  8. Yah Rin - You'll find this shrine above Lurelin Village.

Gerudo Highlands Tower Shrine Map (7 Shrines)

Gerudo Highlands Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Dah Kaso - "A Minor Test of Strength" - There's a set of bridges - known as the Digdogg Suspension Bridge - that connect the tall stone outcrops. The shrine is located near the bridge that links to the two large stones, near the water and the raft. There's a sleeping Hinox nearby.
  2. Joloo Nah - You'll find this one north of Mount Naboroo and east of Koukot Plateau.
  3. Keeha Yoog - On the east side of Gerudo Summit there's a mural with lighting bolts on it and a mound in the middle. Shoot the center with a Shock Arrow to expose the shrine.
  4. Kema Kosassa - "A Major Test of Strength" - This is found on Mount Agaat, north of Risoka Snowfield.
  5. Kuh Takkar - This shrine is on Laparoh Mesa. Reaching it involves lots of climbing in cold weather, wear something warm and bring a torch, or flint and firewood - the shrine is covered in ice.
  6. Sasa Kai
  7. Sho Dantu - "Two Bombs" - Climb atop Gerudo Tower and paraglide to the west, then land and continue until you see a shrine mound in the middle of a circle of Luminous Stones. Destroy one of the stones with a bomb to get the Luminous Stone ore and then place it on the mound.

Great Plateau Tower Shrine Map (4 Shrines)

Great Plateau Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Ja Baij - "Bomb Trial" - This is the first shrine you'll face, and is easy to locate.
  2. Keh Namut - "Cryonis Trial" - This one is found on Mount Hylia. You'll need food to warm you up.
  3. Oman Au - "Magnesis Trial" - This lies north of the Temple of Time.
  4. Owa Daim - "Stasis Trial" - This one is in the ruins south of the Temple of Time.

Hateno Village Tower Shrine Map (7 Shrines)

Hateno Village Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Chaas Qeta - "A Major Test of Strength" - You'll find this on Tenoko Island, one of the smallest islands the game. Climb the high peak nearby and paraglide down to it.
  2. Dow Na'eh - This shrine is hidden behind a large waterfall.
  3. Jitan Sa'mi - On Mount Lanayru you'll find the Spring of Wisdom, guarded by Naydra. Shoot it in the eyes which cover its body to release it, then shoot once more to get the Naydra Scale.
  4. Kam Urog - This is another secret shrine. In the area full of stone heads, keep an eye out for Calip. He will set you "The Cursed Statue" shrine quest. Wait until 9pm then shoot the stone head that glows to reveal the shrine; Blood Moon nights hold the glowing effect for longer, too.
  5. Mezza Lo - You'll find this one on Rabia Plain. It is one of Kass's secret shrines, so you'll need to complete quest "The Crowned Beast" to access it. Find a deer, mount it and then stand on the pressure plate to reveal the shrine.
  6. Myahm Agana - "Myahm Agana Apparatus" - This one is easy to find - it's at the entrance to Hateno Village. Inside the shrine you'll need to use the Switch's motion controls to tilt a massive maze, but it's possible to bounce the ball off the top of the maze and onto the slope, if you're quick enough.
  7. Tahno O'ah - "Tahno O'ah's Blessing" – Look for the bare spot without any trees on the eastern part of Madorna Mountain. Blow up the stones to reveal the shrine.

Hebra Mountains Tower Shrine Map (13 Shrines)

Hebra Mountains Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Dunba Taag - You'll find this one in Tanagar Canyon, just south of Tama Pond. Paraglide down to the place where the canyon curves, near the windmills.
  2. Gee Ha'rah - You'll find this south of Kopeeki Drifts, which is northwest of Hebra Tower. There's is a pair of huge stone doors here; head backwards up the hill to locate some large rocks. Throw one of these down.
  3. Goma Asaagh - Paraglide down from the tower towards the southwestern side of Hebra Peak and you'll spot this shrine. Make sure you have the tools to light a fire as you'll need to melt some ice to get in.
  4. Hia Miu - This one lies northwest of Icefall Foothills. Paraglide down from the nearby mountains.
  5. Lanno Kooh - This lies west of Hebra Tower and southeast of Hebra Falls. You'll need to swim across a really cold lake, so make sure you've got the gear (or food) to stay warm.
  6. Maka Rah - At Lake Kilsie, which lies south of the Sturnida Basin, there's a pier. The shrine is just visible through a crack in the nearby wall. Blow up the rocks to ride a wind gust across the water and then follow the rocks until you get to the last wind gust will fly you upwards to an entrance which allows you to access the shrine.
  7. Mozo Shenno - This is on the east side of Biron Snowshelf. You'll have to paraglide to it from a nearby mountain.
  8. Qaza Tokki - This shrine lies within the North Lomei Labyrinth. The shrine quest is called "Trial on the Cliff". The fastest way to get it is to paraglide down from the nearby mountain and search for the yellow Electric Chuchu. Just a bit above their location is the entrance to the shrine. There are chest to claim if you want to do things the hard way and tackle the maze.
  9. Rin Oyaa - "Directing the Wind" - Glide north from Hebra Tower, glide northward and follow the road on the ground.
  10. Rok Uwog - This ons is west of North Tabantha Snowfield.
  11. Sha Gehma - You'll find this in the north section of Tabantha Tundra.
  12. Shada Naw - This shrine lies north of Selmie's Spot, close to Hebra East Summit.
  13. To Quomo - Head to the Hebra North Summit to find this shrine. You'll be faced wth two stone doors with a snowball nearby. The idea is to roll the snowball so it smashes the doors - you'll need to create some ice pillars to pull this off.

Lake Hylia Tower Shrine Map (6 Shrines)

Lake Hylia Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Ishto Soh - This is east of Daval Peaks. You'll need to use your paraglider to fly towards it.
  2. Ka'o Makagh - "Metal Doors Open The Way" – On a hill above the stable.
  3. Pumaag Nitae - "A Minor Test of Strength" - This lies between Finra Woods and Pagos Woods.
  4. Shae Katha - This lies north of Dracozu Lake, behind the statue of Goddess Hylia in the Spring of Courage. You'll need one of Farosh's scales.
  5. Shoqa Tatone - Talk to Loone in northwest Puffer Beach to start "Guardian Slideshow" shrine quest. You'll need to take photos of three different Guardians – walking, flying and small. Take the orb you get and put it in the mound to reveal the shrine.
  6. Ya Naga - "Shatter the Heavens" - This one is found in the middle of Hylia Island in Hylia Lake. From Lake Tower, head northwest and paraglide from there. Once inside you need to place a remote bomb on the top of the block then drop a normal bomb into the tube that runs underneath it. Detonate the bomb in the tube and then quickly switch to the remote bomb and detonate that - it will blow up the blocks above. You can then roll another bomb under, get on top of the block and detonate it.

Lanayru Wetlands Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines)

Lanayru Wetlands Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Dagah Keek - Starting at Zora's Domain, take the bridge that runs northwest. You'll eventually find Veiled Falls, and a secret shrine pressure plate. Swim up the waterfall using Zora's armour then paraglide when you reach the top - you can then dive onto the plate by pressing the attack button.
  2. Daka Tuss - "Sunken Scoop" - You can spot this one quite easily.
  3. Kah Mael - On Tingel Island you need to find a large rock. Shift it with Stasis to expose the shrine below.
  4. Ne'ez Yohma - This one is easy to find - it's under the Throne Room of King Dorephan on Zora's Domain.
  5. Rucco Maag - This shrine is on Samasa Plain, south of Ruto Mountain.
  6. Shai Yota - Locate Kass just south of Horon Lagoon and complete the quest "Master of the Wind". The shrine will then be revealed in Horon Lagoon.
  7. Sheh Rata - This shrine is found on an island which lies between Crenel Peak and Zelo Pond. Burn away the bushes to enter it.
  8. Soh Kofi - Paraglide north from Lanayru Tower, across the water.

Hyrule Ridge Tower Shrine Map (7 Shrines)

Hyrule Ridge Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Maag No'rah - There's a Bokoblin camp on the slope north of Lindor's Brow which boasts a tall crow's nest. Defeat the enemies then climb to the top of this nest - on the nearby mountain you'll see rocks you can destroy. Under these lies the shrine.
  2. Mijah Rokee - On Washa's Bluff you need to stand on the pedestal with no clothing or armour on and wait for the Blood Moon. The shrine will then appear.
  3. Mogg Latan - "Synced Swing" - This shrine is right at the top of Satori Mountain so make sure you're prepared to do some climbing. The shrine is on the southern peak.
  4. Shae Loya - Follow the road from Hyrule Ridge to Hebra, near Tabantha Great Bridge. Look for Tabantha Bridge Stable and then head towards the tall hill nearby.
  5. Sheem Dagoze - This one is south of Hyrule Ridge and west from Jeddo Bridge. Make sure you complete the "Two Rings" quest first. You'll need to shoot an arrow through two stone hoops in a single shot.
  6. Toh Yahsa - Head towards Thundra Plateau from the tower. In the center of it, you have to place four balls into their matching colour holes. You'll need to use Stasis to move them.
  7. Zalta Wa - Fly from the tower towards the east and head for the Breach of Demise canyon.

Tabantha Frontier Tower Shrine Map (6 Shrines)

Tabantha Frontier Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Akh Va'quot - "Windmills" - Due south of the Heabra Mountains you'll find a lake as well as Rito Village and the shrine.
  2. Bareeda Naag - This lies south of Rito Village. Make sure you have a lit torch and wait until about 11AM. Hold the torch near the center of the glowing mound.
  3. Kah Okeo - "Wind Guide" - This shrine is hidden under a huge slab of rock, so use Stasis to remove it.
  4. Sha Warvo - This one is north of Rito Village, in Dronoc's Pass.
  5. Tena Ko'sah - "A Major Test of Strength" - Near the Tabantha Great Bridge is where you'll find this shrine, amid the ruined Ancient Columns.
  6. Voo Lota - This is west of Rito Village in the area known as Warbler's Nest. Once you've beaten the Divine Beast Vah Medoh and have found all of the sisters, you'll have to head to Warbler's Nest for a musical test. Stand in the section flanked by five statues and use a Kokoro leaf to blow air into the rock which matches the note - one "finger" denotes red, two is yellow, three is green, four is blue and five is purple.

Gerudo Desert Tower Shrine Map (12 Shrines)

Gerudo Desert Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Dako Tah - This one is in the middle of the stone structures in the Great Cliffs area. It's easier to find at night.
  2. Daqo Chisay - "The Whole Picture" - This is right next to Gerudo Town. A chest with a Thunderblade inside lies within.
  3. Dila Maag - "Dila Maag's Blessing" - Glide from the Wasteland Tower to the southeast and you'll spot the South Lomei Labyrinth. The Barbarian Armour is your reward for completing this maze.
  4. Hawa Koth - This is in the southeastern section of the map, inside the Gerudo Great Skeleton / Dragon's Exile.
  5. Jee Noh - "On the Move" - Head east from the Wasteland Tower and you'll spot this shrine close to the road.
  6. Kay Noh - "Power of Electricity" - Take the path that runs past the Gerudo Canyon Stable and climb the rocks to the south.
  7. Kema Zoos - "A Delayed Puzzle" - This one is west of Karusa Valley and northwest of West Gerudo Ruins. The shrine is found in a massive skeleton.
  8. Korsh O'hu - "Korsh O'hu's Blessing" - This one lies in the East Gerudo Ruins, east of Palu Wasteland. Speak to Rotana outside Gerudo Town to start "The Seven Heroines" quest (he'll give you some Snow Boots). Head to the circular formation at the bottom of the mountain southwest of Wasteland Tower. You'll see the Seven Heroines statues there. Each statue has a symbol which links to one of the nearby metal balls somewhere on them. Place the balls in the appropriate basin using your Magnesis rune. The final ball can be found in the hands of the third statue from the left. Climb up the status nearby and use Magnesis to move the ball. The shrine contains a Flamespear.
  9. Misae Suma - This one is southeast of Gerudo Town, where you'll find a large rock formation. To get inside you need to finish the quest "The Perfect Drink", which involves gaining entrance to Gerudo Town by dressing as a woman. To get the ice to Furosa without it melting, use Stasis and hit it to move it - if you carry it, it will melt. Once you've done this quest, jump on the rock formation to reveal the shrine.
  10. Raqa Zunzo - Head to the Sand Seal Rally spot south of Gerudo Town after you've defeated the nearby Divine Beast. Win the sand seal challenge to get the orb which is used to activate the shrine - you won't be allowed near it otherwise.
  11. Suma Sahma - This lies between Mount Granajh and Daval Peak. Roll a snowball into the puddle, then wait until the sun passes over and casts a shadow on the nearby contraption.
  12. Tho Kayu - This one is in the Toruma Dunes, with the Molduga mini-boss nearby.

Woodland Tower Shrine Map (8 Shrines)

Woodland Tower Map
Image: Nintendo Life
  1. Daag Chokah - Take the path from the nearby Keo Ruug Shrine. You'll pass underneath a hollow tree to Tasho. Talk with him to trigger "The Lost Pilgrimage" quest. You then have to follow another Korok to reach the shrine's location.
  2. Keo Ruug - "Fateful Stars" – You'll want to tackle this one as soon as you enter Korok Forest. It's to the right of the Master Sword.
  3. Ketoh Wawai - This shrine is in an area called Thyphlo Ruins. You need to complete the quest called "Shrouded Shrine" to reveal its location. Light a torch and look for the bird-shaped braziers - follow the direction of their beaks.
  4. Kuhn Sidajj - This shrine is found by following a Korok located southwest from the first shrine. This triggers the "Trial of Second Sight" shrine quest - use the Magnesis rune to find the right path and place a Rusty Shield in the tree's mouth. Take the chest it gives you as a reward and place that in the other tree's mouth.
  5. Maag Halan - Near the Keo Ruug Shrine you'll find Damia, who gives you the shrine quest "The Test of Wood". Fight the enemies which stand in the way of you and the Mido Swamp.
  6. Mirro Shaz - "Tempered Power" - North of the small Pico Pond is where you'll find this shrine.
  7. Monya Toma - "Drawing Parabolas" - You can see the glow of the shrine if you look south-east from Hebra Tower.
  8. Rona Kachta - This one lies east of Mount Drena.

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