Mirro Shaz Shrine Entrance

Mirro Shaz shrine sees Link step onto the Links for a spot of golf. However, the ‘Temper’ in the shrine’s subtitle – ‘Tempered Power’ – may well describe your own frustration more than it hints at the trick to solving it. Stick with this guide, and we’ll show you how to get as close to a hole in one as possible – while helping you to beat the shrine’s tough encore puzzle and a treasure chest you’re not going to want to miss.

How to find Mirro Shaz shrine

Mirro Shaz Shrine Location Map

Mirro Shaz is a shrine in the Woodland region, paired with the Woodland Stable – find one, and you’ll find it difficult to avoid tripping over the other.

If you’ve not ventured to the Woodland region – the northern-central portion of the Hyrule map – you can find both shrine and stable east of Hyrule Castle, below the south-eastern slope of the Eldin region’s Death Mountain.

Mirro Shaz Woodland Stable From Tower

Good options for reaching your destination include:

  • Heading north along the river that flows into the Lanayru Wetlands (visible at the top of the screenshot above)
  • Climbing the distinctive Woodland Tower and flying a short way south (the vantage point for the screenshot above). Not sure which one this is? The Woodland Tower appears to have emerged right in the middle of a monster camp, and now wears a stone skull like a hat

Mirro Shaz itself is on the north bank of a pond by the stable.

How to solve Mirro Shaz shrine

You enter Mirro Shaz on a ledge overlooking the main puzzle. Turn right and climb on the moving platform (or glide down if you want to move more quickly) to access it.

Mirro Shaz Shrine Stasis Golf Layout

In the immediate area, you will find:

  • An orb on a pedestal
  • An orange switch that causes the orb to respawn
  • A treasure chest containing an iron sledgehammer
  • A fence, beyond which can be seen a platform and a goal-like archway

If the layout doesn’t clue you in immediately, the hammer in the chest should do: in this shrine, you’ll need to use the hammer to whack the orb over the water and into a socket below the archway.

Mirro Shaz Shrine Stasis Hit Orb

Of course, if you hit the orb once, it won’t travel very far. If you cast your mind back to the shrines on the Great Plateau, you may recall that one of your runes – Stasis – allows you to freeze objects. If you freeze the orb and hit it multiple times, it’ll fly much further.

Still stuck? See the ‘Mirro Shaz shrine solution’ section below for the exact number of times you need to whack that orb.

Cube and platform puzzle

Mirro Shaz Shrine Second Puzzle Stasis Hit Cube

Once the orb sails into the socket, the wall on the left side of the room rises and reveals a second puzzle. This involves a cube on a rail and stone platform that will spin when hit, and shouldn’t give you any trouble – use your Stasis rune again and give the block a good whack.

Where is Mirro Shaz’s treasure chest?

Mirro Shaz Shrine Route To Chest

The good people of Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development appear to have understood that playing stasis golf isn’t for everyone – if you’ve been pinging orbs around for ages and just want to get back out to the great outdoors, you can head straight to the shrine’s monk and be on your merry way.

However, you can also access a second golf hole by turning left behind the fence of the monk’s enclosure – and with a rare Giant Ancient Core, up for grabs, you’ll certainly want to (they’re rare and used to purchase/upgrade some very cool gear upgrades).

Mirro Shaz Shrine Chest Puzzle Layout

The ingredients for this second helping are similar to the first – however, instead of the generous landing strip of the first hole, you’ll find a large expanse of water and some pillars.

This means that you’ll need to be a little more precise. Our solution is below in the ‘Mirro Shaz treasure chest solution’ section, but by way of a hint – you’ll need to compensate for either too much, or too little power with your hammer.

Mirro Shaz shrine main puzzle solution

5 is the magic number of hits with the Iron Sledgehammer needed to send the orb sailing into the socket from the starting pedestal. Link should be standing straight on, with his toes pointing through the orb to the socket.

Don’t worry if it takes a few attempts to get it right (you’ve been asleep for a century at this point anyway). Persist and you’ll soon be seeing the shrine’s monk – after the somewhat perfunctory cube and platform puzzle, which simply requires that you hit the cube four times or more.

Mirro Shaz treasure chest solution

Mirro Shaz Shrine Chest Puzzle Sword Switch

Hitting from the pedestal you’ll find that five hits with an iron sledgehammer aren’t enough, but six hits is actually too much. The answer is to hit the orb five and a half times.

Which is to say, hit the orb five times with the hammer, then switch to a one-handed sword for one last whack.

The pillars are something of a misdirect – hitting the orb dead-straight from the starting pedestal is actually quite difficult, and with the right number of hits and the slightest leftward veer, you’ll be enjoying your Giant Ancient Core in no time.

This said, if your orb does seem to be homing in on that pesky pillar, try placing the orb slightly to the left of the starting pedestal to see if this helps out.

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