Sha Warvo Entrance

How many shrines must a man hunt down, before he can defeat an ancient evil composed of pure malice, returned from a ten-thousand year slumber with calamitous consequences? “It depends”, is one answer we imagine Bob Dylan could give to this question, if he wasn’t so quick to defer to the wind. However in the case of Sha Warvo shrine and its promise of a ‘path of hidden winds’, perhaps he has a point.

In this guide, we’ll help you locate the air currents that will take you to the shrine’s monk, as well as the two treasure chest found along the way.

How to find Sha Warvo shrine

Sha Warvo Location Map

Sha Warvo is the ‘home’ shrine of the Rito Flight Range, a location in the Tabantha region that you will have to visit as part of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh main quest.

Both the shrine and the flight range can be found northwest of Rito Village and surrounding lake. Either use your glider from one of the platforms high up in the village, or walk/ride via the path on the lake’s perimeter.

Though the map draws the regional boundary a little further north, Sha Warvo experiences the extreme cold weather of the Hebra mountains. The warm doublet you received back on the Great Plateau won’t be enough on its own – you’ll need to cook up a cold-resistant meal or invest in the Snowquill armor set available in the Rito village.

How to solve Sha Warvo shrine

Sha Warvo Layout

Sha Warvo is designed to help familiarise you with one of the skills you’re going to need in the Rito Flight Range next door, and later when subsequently approaching Vah Medoh – using your glider to ride upward air currents.

As a result, ascending the gigantic, cavernous shrine is relatively straightforward for the most part. In the initial area, you will find:

  • A long pathway with a floor-mounted fan blowing a visible column of air upwards at the end
  • A platform floating a few feet above that
Sha Warvo First Air Current

Stand on the fan and jump twice to deploy your glider. Ride the current as far as it will go and land on the platform.

Sha Warvo Second Air Current First Chest

Do the same on the next fan and you will see a platform either side of you – your attention will probably be drawn to the leftmost first, as an easily dispatched Guardian Scout will start to take aim at you. Finish it off and open the treasure chest.

Sha Warvo Moving Platform Ladder

Return to the updraft you just left, and go to the other platform. Ride the next air current to the top and glide over to the moving platform. Ride the platform to the ladder and climb up the next area.

Sha Warvo Pillar

So far, so simple: However, if you ride the air current on the next platform – there doesn’t appear to be any more platforms to fly to, only a dark pillar with various constellation patterns on it.

Remembering, that this shrine is subtitled ‘Path of Hidden Winds’, you’re going to have to get the tiniest bit brave in order to discover the way forward from here –or just skip to the solution below.

Sha Warvo shrine solution:

Sha Warvo Hidden Pillar Fan

Ride the air current to the top, fly left around the pillar while moving the camera to keep the pillar in view – you’ll see an opening in the pillar, with another fan blasting an air-current up the inside.

Sha Warvo Monk

Ride this to the top and you’ll be a short hop away from the monk’s platform. However, there’s still one more treasure chest to get…

Where are Sha Warvo’s treasure chests?

As mentioned above, the shrine’s first treasure chest can be reached by gliding left of the second air current, on a platform with a guardian scout.

Sha Warvo Glide To Second Chest

The second chest is easier to miss – at the top of the pillar’s air shaft, turn around to put the monk’s platform directly behind you and you’ll see the chest on a small platform some way away.

There’s no real trick to getting over there – as long as you glide from the top of the air current, you’ll make it. Once you’ve grabbed the goodies, glide down to a lower platform and get back to the monk’s platform.

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