Shae Loya Shrine Entrance

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s more easily located shrines tend to be used to test a skill you need to know in the main quest. So it is with Shae Loya, a shrine en route to Rito Village that tests your precision archery skills in preparation for your airborne showdown with local nuisance bird, Vah Medoh. In our guide we’ll talk you through how to solve this shrine and find both of the treasure chests hidden within.

How to find Shae Loya shrine

Shae Loya Shrine Location Map

Shae Loya is the shrine paired with the Tabantha Stable – it can be found immediately south of the stable on a rocky hill.

The stable and shrine are easily encountered by anyone adventuring out to the Tabantha region and Rito Village. They’re in a natural bottleneck west of the Thundara Plateau and Seres Scablands and are neighbours to the Tabantha Great Bridge, a lengthy wooden bridge over the Tanagar Canyon.

If you’ve yet to make your way to the north-west of the map, your best bet is to head south from the Ridgelands tower and follow the road west.

How to solve Shae Loya shrine

Shae Loya Shrine Layout

The main thing to catch your attention in this shrine will be an area off to the right featuring:

  • A large orb being repeatedly thrown in the air by a moving pillar inset into a slope
  • A treasure chest at the top of the slope
  • A fence above a socket at the bottom of the slope

It’s clear that the point is to get the orb into the socket, but what’s the best way of doing that? You’ll quickly find that it’s something that has to be done at a distance – you can’t jump the gap yourself.

However, arrows just plink off, and the fence stops you from throwing bombs. The answer lies, as it often does, with one of your runes

Shae Loya shrine solution

Shae Loya Shrine Stasis Arrows

So we’ve established that one arrow doesn’t do anything – but what about more than one arrow? Breath of the Wild’s consistent rules mean that stasis isn’t just useful for repeatedly whacking orbs with hammers – use stasis to freeze the orb and then fire three arrows at it.

When unfrozen, the orb will be knocked out of alignment with the moving pillar, eventually rolling downhill and into the socket.

Shae Loya Shrine Second Moving Pillar

But wait - there’s more. Rather than immediately unlocking the gate to the monk, you’ll find that you have your own moving pillar to work with. Climb on it and you’ll be launched into the air.

Take a look around at the apex of the jump and you’ll notice an illuminated switch on a recess in the wall above the gate. You’ll need to hit this with an arrow.

Shae Loya Slow Motion Arrow

The easiest way to do this is to get thrown in the air, deploy your glider, and then draw your bow – this puts you into a slow motion state, giving you time to take the shot.

Where are Shae Loya’s treasure chests?

Shae Loya features two chests – this is quite easy to overlook, considering the first treasure chest is placed in line of sight of the main puzzle:

Shae Loya Glide First Chest

Once the orb is in the socket, you can use the second moving pillar to glide over to the sloped area to open the first treasure chest

Shae Loya Second Chest Location

The second treasure chest is more sneakily placed – it is found on a wooden ledge on the wall behind the entrance. But how to get it down?

Shae Loya treasure chest solution

Shae Loya Shoot Ropes Second Chest

In keeping with the arrow-based solutions of the rest of the shrine, you'll need your arrows. The platform is secured by two ropes – simply shoot both ropes and the chest will drop to the floor.

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