At the beginning of May, the Zelda-style Mario Maker-like game Super Dungeon Maker was released on the Switch eShop.

We didn't mind it at the time and felt it still had the potential to become "something great". With this in mind, the developer Firechick has issued a new update that includes "fresh" content, changes (including performance and stability improvements), and a number of bug fixes.

Players can look forward to a brand new theme known as Mystic Garden, and apart from performance and stability improvements, there are now also faster load times. You can get the full rundown in the patch notes below:

Super Dungeon Maker update:

– We’ve added a fresh theme: Mystic Garden

– We’ve updated the disclaimer at the start of the game to better reflect the current state of the game
– We’ve enhanced performance and stability in larger dungeons
– Loading times for big dungeons have been improved
– The stair transition has been refined to reduce the chance of players accidentally retracing their steps

Bug Fixes
– The loading icons weren’t visible when scrolling through online dungeons – this has been fixed
– An issue where players could not re-enter the boss room and ended up soft-locked after dying in one of the boss fights of the pre-existing dungeons has been addressed
– Dungeon thumbnails will now save correctly, not just when saving a dungeon for the first time
– The map will now correctly show the floor, and opening the pause menu will no longer potentially result in unresponsive UI screens
– Breakable blocks will now correctly reset when using the hourglass to reset the room

If you would like to get a better idea about this game or are a fan of titles where you craft your own experience or play community-made creations, be sure to check out our Nintendo Life review:

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