how to avoid, resist and heal gloom damage
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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces players to a whole new region in the form of The Depths, a dark and dangerous underground area that requires careful navigation in order to avoid plentiful enemies and the health-sapping Gloom that covers so much of the environment down here.

As you carve a path through the Depths you'll want to make use of Brightbloom Seeds in order to light your way in the darkness, but you'll also need to know a few helpful tricks to aid you with traversing patches of gloom and healing yourself once you've taken damage from the stuff.

So, let's take a look at some quick tips.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Avoid Gloom & Heal Gloom Damage

How To Heal From Gloom Damage

Activate Lightroots

Gloom will damage and reduce your maximum hearts should you touch it for too long, as indicated by broken and greyed-out heart icons. To heal your hearts and enable yourself to refill them with potions and food you'll want to find a Lightroot, huge roots that act as fast travel points in the Depths.

You'll be introduced to Lightroots during your first mission proper down here, Camera Work in the Depths, where you'll learn how to activate them, spreading light across a wide area and healing any gloom status you've incurred on your hearts as you do so.


You'll find an abundance of Sundelions on the Sky islands and, when cooked, they'll recharge your hearts and cure any gloom affliction you've incurred. Cooking a specific recipe with Sundelions is essential to complete the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest.

how to avoid, resist and heal gloom damage
Image: Nintendo Life

Fast Travel To The Surface

A handy way to rid your heart containers of gloom affliction is to simply open up your world map and fast travel to the surface or sky, automatically removing the condition in the process.

how to avoid, resist and heal gloom damage
Image: Nintendo Life

How To Avoid and Resist Gloom Damage

how to avoid, resist and heal gloom damage
Image: Nintendo Life

Dark Clumps

Trade in Poes, those glowing blue things you'll find scattered all over the Depths, at a Bargainer statue — you'll find your first one at Lookout Landing — in order to purchase Dark Clumps. These can be mixed into meals to give yourself temporary gloom resistance! You can also get these by defeating Gloom Hands

Tame an Undead Horse

Yep. Those skeleton horses — Stalhorses — you'll find wandering the Depths can be tamed and mounted, and doing so will enable you to ride through gloom like it's not even there.

Gloom Resistant Armour

Later in the game, you'll unlock the ability to pick this handy armour up from a Bargainer Statue.

As a final note, remember that enemies in the Depths are also afflicted with gloom and so their attacks can deal you the same damage as touching the stuff, so make sure to stock up on the necessary meals and make use of the above tips to see you through.

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