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If you're exploring The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in the recommended order, your very first dungeon boss will be waiting for you at the top of the Wind Temple — Colgera.

This boss is the perfect introduction to TOTK's boss fights in general and it's a rather spectacular fight. It's also not too difficult at all — just a heck of a lot of fun. This boss is fought at the end of the Wind Temple and is the final step in the Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest.

Here's how to defeat Colgera, the boss of the Wind Temple, in Tears of the Kingdom

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Defeat Colgera

How to prepare for Colgera

Colgera, the Scourge of the Wind Temple, is a huge flying boss which you'll be fighting entirely in the air. That means one thing — aerial combat. You should already be wearing the Snowquill Armour Set from Rito Village, but you can warp back if you haven't got it for some reason.

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We recommended bringing a strong bow and plenty of arrows with you. You can add fire-based items to your arrows if you wish, but it's worth noting that Colgera takes a set amount of damage per "hit" — each time you break a part of it, it will always take a sixth of its health down. Strength isn't the aim here — accuracy is.

As such, other good items to use are Keese eyeballs and Keese wings Fuse these to your arrows for homing shots or long-distance arrows, respectively.

How to defeat Colgera

Phase 1

Colgera is huge, and you'll be fighting this icy insect in the air using the icy blasts from below and Tulin's wind powers. Colgera has spikes on his back, meaning it's invulnerable from above — below, however, will expose a flat, icy underbelly, and that's what you need to hit.

Colgera will attack by either flying close to you or by disappearing into rifts and charging into you from the side. make sure you always keep it in your sights.

There are two ways you can approach this fight. One, wait for Colgera to attack by throwing icicles at you. This will expose its back, allowing you to melt the ice and expose its weak point. Destroying one part of its body leaves a huge hole in the flying bug.

Alternatively, you can simply get underneath it and shoot fire arrows at it to crack the ice quicker. Regardless, you'll need two clean shots on each piece of its body, and each time you destroy a piece, you'll take off a chunk of health.

Phase 2

Once you've destroyed all three parts, Colgera will regrow all of them and will gain two new attacks. It will summon tornadoes, which you'll need to use Tulin's wind power to avoid. It will also appear directly below you and charge up at you. Generally, it's also faster and more aggressive in this second phase, so you just need to be more aware of its positioning.

However, this doesn't change your strategy at all. Either wait for it to attack and shoot arrows at it from above, or try to get underneath it and shoot its underbelly. You just might have to react a bit quicker than normal.

Once you've reduced its health bar fully, the blizzard will dissipate, and you'll get a Heart Container to increase your maximum number of hearts. Speak to Tulin to watch some story-heavy cutscenes, and Tulin will become the Sage of Wind.

You'll automatically be taken back to Rito Village, where you'll get the Vow of Tulin, Sage of Wind, a Key Item that lets the spirit of Tulin join you in battle and also lets you use his wind power whenever he's summoned.

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