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Arrows. They're quite useful, aren't they? As far as ranged combat in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom goes, arrows give you a multitude of ways in which to take down your foes thanks to the game's flexible fuse ability.

The only real issue with arrows is that, unless you're very studious about picking them up after you've fired them, you run out of them all the time.

In order to help you beef up your stockpile, we've put together a quick guide to how best to farm arrows in Tears of the Kingdom. Regarde.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Farm Arrows

Collect Them From Enemy Archers

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Most groups of enemies in TOTK have an archer in their midst, and most of these archers have a seemingly endless supply of arrows.

Get rid of all the pesky melee grunts who insist on running at your position and then, once you're alone with the archer, simply dance around at range, letting them fire at you while you dodge and pick up their ammon. Make sure to thank the generous archer before pinging them crisply in the bonce for a quick kill and a funny noise.

Break Crates, Barrels, Boxes

Any of the above will contain random items and, more often than not, those random items will be arrows. Enemy camps usually have a number of boxes and crates around so smash 'em up and get collecting and you'll soon have a decent number of arrows for free.

For an easier time, make sure you Ultrahand these together so you can drop multiple boxes at once.

Yiga HQ

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Image: Nintendo Life

You can, if you wish, purchase items in the game from various vendors, but the vendor in Yiga HQ is the cheapest we've found so far. Honestly, unless you're in a real bind, we suggest finding arrows around the world. There's always a mob or a box or a crate nearby!


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If you have amiibo to hand, you can scan these in once a day to get a bevvy of goods, including arrows from a few of them. They don't have to be Zelda-themed ones, either. To find out which amiibo drop arrows, check out our comprehensive amiibo list.

For more tips and tricks, check out our full Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.