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The Hylian armour set is one of the earliest you can acquire in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with the full outfit available for purchase as soon as you set foot in Hyrule and enter Lookout Landing.

Once you've got the full set in your inventory, you may find you'd prefer to wear it with its hood down to show off Link's lovely hair. Fortunately, doing so isn't too difficult a task.

Let's take a look at how to wear your Hylian Hood down in Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Wear Your Hylian Hood Down

Where to get the Hylian Armour Set

There are two options open to you here and you can check out our All Armour Locations guide to get a detailed description of exactly where to go. Otherwise, simply head to Lookout Landing (or Cece's store once you've finished a certain chain of Side Adventures) to pick this outfit up for the following price;

  • Hylian Hood - 70 Rupees
  • Hylian Tunic - 130 Rupees
  • Hylian Trousers - 120 Rupees
Image: Nintendo Life

How to lower the Hylian Hood

To wear your Hylian Hood down you'll first need to head to Hateno Village to start The Mayoral Election side adventure by speaking with Cece at her shop. You'll need to complete five quests for Cece and Mayor Reede, so make sure to check out our guide to this side adventure and its various associated quests to help you out in this regard.

Once you've completed this task, just head back to Cece's store with your Hylian Hood equipped, speak with her and she'll offer to adjust it for you free of charge!

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