Hestu Tears of the Kingdom
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Yep, he's back. Everyone's favourite oversized Korok, Hestu, makes a return in Tears of the Kingdom, and he's once again here to expand your inventory so you can carry more melee weapons, bows, and shields.

You won't find Hestu hanging out at Korok Forest initially, though, nor is he taking up residence in the game's hub town. Instead, you'll need to rescue the maraca-shaking creature before you can spend those lovely Korok Seeds to make your pockets bigger.

Here's where to find Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find Hestu

Where is Hestu?

Hestu can be found to the northwest of Lookout Landing. You'll need to cross Carok Bridge to reach a new section of the map, which you can only uncover after finding Lindor's Brow Skyview Tower.

Once you've crossed the bridge, you'll come across New Serenne Stable and also find out that Impa is investigating the strange geoglyphs that have suddenly appeared across Hyrule.

For now, ignore that and follow the path north until you come across Hestu cowering on the path, roughly around the coordinates -1700, 1068, 0200. Talking to Hestu will give you the Side Adventure Hestu's Concerns.

How to complete Hestu's Concerns

Hestu's Concerns is a relatively easy quest if you have the right tools. The large Korok is rather afraid of some trees just ahead of you. Sounds strange, but walk towards them and you'll soon find out why — they're sentient.

Treants are a brand new enemy in Tears of the Kingdom, and they can give you a bit of a fright if you're not expecting them. They look like regular trees until they pop out of the ground and start walking towards you, and their main attack is to fall on you.

To defeat them, you can use anything that will set them on fire — so fire fruit, flower bombs, or similar. Alternatively, you can chop them up with a sharp weapon like a sword or an axe. Once you've defeated them, talk to Hestu to complete the quest and unlock the ability to spend your Korok Seeds.

Hestu saved TOTK
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Where is Hestu after you complete the quest?

Once you've completed Hestu's Concerns and/or paid for some inventory upgrades with Korok Seeds, Hestu will remark that he's heading east.

That means that Hestu is heading towards Lookout Landing, which is Tears of the Kingdom's hub town. He'll move around the town, sometimes standing behind the stable or next to the general storee, or even by the central plaza. But he's easy enough to spot.

Once you have access to Korok Forest, Hestu will relocate to his home, meaning you'll need to visit the Korok Forest in the Lost Woods (or just warp to the Forest using Musanokir Shrine) to upgrade your inventory.

C'mon, you didn't think Hestu would be forgotten, did you? Ah well. At least you know where to get rid of all of those Korok Seeds now. While you scour the depth and breadth of the land, why not check out the rest of our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for all the tips, tricks, and Korok Seed hunting advice you'll ever need?