Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Frozen Meat Glitch
Image: Nintendo Life

In the month since its launch, players have found a variety of different glitches in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to make filling up the inventory that bit easier. With each patch that Nintendo has implemented, more of these glitches have been fixed, but that hasn't deterred some brave souls from finding newer and easier methods.

One such glitch, lovingly called the 'frozen meat glitch' (don't worry, you'll see why) is quickly proving to be a speedy way of getting yourself a boatload of rupees with very little effort required (thanks, Kotaku). We have tested the method at Nintendo Life Towers and can confirm that it works as of ver.1.1.2 β€” but who knows whether it will make it through the next patch...

As demonstrated in the video from Austin John Plays at the bottom of this article, all that you will need to make the meat magic happen is some meat (obviously), a couple of sticks, plenty of Zonite and the extra ability that Link finds in the game. If you don't want to know anything about this last requirement just yet, then do be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

We will go into details about the method itself after the following stories, so this is your chance to click away.

As Austin John Plays' video demonstrates, the first step you will need to take is dropping two pieces of meat on the ground (the type is up to you, though Gourmet Meat fetches the highest sale price), Fuse them to two Tree Branches or Wooden Sticks and then stick the two meaty weapons together, creating a design for Autobuild to remember.

Walking away from your structure, you can now open Autobuild and use Zonite to build the two meat weapons again. Stick the two builds together (creating four Meat Clubs), and repeat the process until you have hit the item limit of a 21-club structure, remembering to stick your new build to the previous one each time.

With this collection of Meat Clubs stored in your Autobuild, you will next need to travel to a snowy area (we chose the Snowfield Stable in Tabantha Tundra) and sit by a fire until the forecast reads purely snow. Equip a Meat Club as your primary weapon and walk away from the fire. If you see that it is cold enough for the meat to pop off of the stick and fall, frozen, on the ground, then you are good to go.

Open Autobuild and select the 21-piece meat structure. With the build selected, hold the hovering instruction right above the ground for a few seconds and do not select 'Build'. After a moment, the translucent meat from the structure's diagram will materialise and freeze on the ground. Pick up these items and repeat the process to gain as much frozen meat as you would like.

You can then take this collection of meat to any item shop in Hyrule and sell it on β€” Icy Gourmet Meat sells for 40 Rupees per piece β€” and with a near-infinite supply of the stuff at your disposal, it is one sure-fire way to rack up the currency quickly.

You can check out Austin John Play's full video below to see the full walkthrough in action.

Have you been using any glitches in TOTK so far? Let us know in the comments.

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